Thursday, June 4, 2015


Arturo's | Howe & Cordova

Arturo's is a Mexican food truck that is really close to my office. I'll start off by saying that I wouldn't likely eat here if it wasn't so close. I much prefer the fare over at La Taqueria but Arturo's does the job when I'm jonesin' for Mexican and don't have much time.

I would not consider Arturo's authentic Mexican - it's more of a Tex-Mex/Californian style Mexican. They have a fairly large menu but everything pretty much tastes the same! I usually order the "Calle Trio" which is 3 tacos. You can get beef, chicken and pork. It's a very generous portion and comes with rice and beans. I can't typically finish it all.

If you're into spicy food ask for it hot...their hot sauce is no joke. You have been warned.

Calle Trio

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