Friday, May 22, 2015

Fez Cafe Bistro

Fez Cafe Bistro | 1331 Robson St.

Sorry for the long lay off everyone! I've been getting over a foot injury that has seriously hampered my Lunch Warrioring!

Today I went to Fez Cafe Bistro. I've walked past this place a few times as it is only a couple doors down from Miko. The room itself is decorated beautifully.

I had the Chicken Basquaise which reminded me of a chicken cacciatore. It was quite good and the chicken was very tender. The chicken came with a flavourful tomato based sauce and stewed vegetables on top. The side potatoes were well seasoned and benefited from some delicious house made hot sauce. The dish was $15 and quite a large portion. I couldn't finish everything.

All in all, a cool spot to check out!

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  1. If you have a chance, try the vegetarian buraka at Fez. Really unusual and delicious, a perfect lunch