Friday, April 10, 2015

One Under

One Under | 476 Granville St.

Prior to last week, I had no idea this place existed. I just happened to stroll by one day and saw their sign on the side walk. I'm glad I found this place!

As a certified golf fanatic, One Under is pretty much the greatest place on Earth. They have 5 or 6 HD simulators setup where you can play a round of golf. All the big courses are available (Pebble Beach, Augusta etc.). You do not have to play golf. You can just come for a bite to eat if you like.

There's a bar with a couple of TV's and a few tables. The menu is limited but the chicken tacos I had were quite tasty. The girl that works at the bar is very sweet and easy on the eyes.

My only complaint is that the beer list is quite short and somewhat uninspired. They do have a couple of winners though (Fat Tug, Windstorm Pale Ale). I don't believe they are pouring full pints either. I hope to see some improvements in the beer department.

Overall, this is a fantastic place if you're into golf. Trust me, just go!

Chicken tacos:

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